It's great to see everyone getting into the latest craze painting and hiding rocks around Calderdale and using the hashtag #CalderdaleROCKS. Fantastic to see them hidden and found far and wide.


This is a webpage to showcase how happy everyone is to find one. And to those who have great hearts to paint some rocks and hide them for someone else to find. If you have had the pleasure to find one, how happy did you feel? Or remember the big smile on your little ones face! Keep hiding!


You can also find a Facebook page for #CalderdaleROCKS too.


Here you can read through the latest stories and feel free to comment on them if you like. If you would like to send your pictures or write your own story for everyone to read, then send your story along with any pictures you would like to include to stories@calderdalerocks.co.uk.



Latest Posts

Have you found a rock? How did you feel when you found it hidden away whilst going about your daily life? Happy? Thought so.


Or have you been spreading the love painting your own rocks? The excitement you get when you think how they the rocks are going to be painted. What will they look like once finished. Where to hide them?


It's true in finding a rock, or even painting your own, releases those special endorphins that gives everyone the "feel good" factor. The feel good factor that makes #calderdalerocks.


I was born and brought up in Calderdale. It's great to see the community getting together and talking to each other. Our modern age of keeping ourselves to ourselves and not really knowing any of our neighbours anymore. My grandparents always said "It's not like it was many years ago. Everyone knew everyone in the village."


I've just bought my own pens. I've just got to get some rocks and I'll get painting. So excited! Sad news is I haven't managed to find my first rock yet. One day! Soon I hope.


If you'd like to share pictures of your rock discoveries or write a story along with some pics. It's easy, just email stories@calderdalerocks.co.uk with all the info. 


Here's a great picture I found on the internet. I'm going to use these rocks as inspiration to paint my own. Watch this space.